Pathways Café - 19 January


Join us at the upcoming Pathways Café on 19 January! The Pathways Café will provide anyone who is interested in Pathways to Sustainability an easy way to get to know, inform and inspire each other. You don't need to be actively involved (yet). We will be joined by Kees Vendrik and Kei Otsuki.

Kees Vendrik

Is chairman of the new 'Nationaal Klimaat Platform' and member the International Advisory Board of Pathways to Sustainability. He will present his plans with the new Climate Platform and also solicit items for collaboration with the UU community.

Kei Otsuki about Green Hydrogen and the Global South

Green hydrogen is increasingly presented as a solution to the current energy and climate crises globally. What are the implications for the hydrogen production areas in the global South? We know that the massive infrastructure development with investments from the global North are known to cause a wide range of social and environmental impacts. Kei Otsuki wants to discuss the question: How do critical social researchers, energy scientists and industry actors fruitfully collaborate to establish the transformative effects of green hydrogen in the North and South?

Fancy a drink and a chat, join us in de Winkel van Sinkel, we look forward to see you there!

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