Participatory reimaginations of African futures by Michael Uwemedimo

'Friends of the Future' Seminar

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Join us on 31 May for an engaging Friends of the Future seminar with Michael Uwemedimo, an accomplished film producer and the co-founder of the Human City Project. Michael's work has been recognized through his Academy Award-nominated and BAFTA-winning documentary, The Act of Killing. During the seminar, Michael will discuss his innovative participatory filmmaking and AI image generation methodologies that enable communities to expand their collective imagination and actively participate in the shaping of their neighbourhoods.

As co-founder and project director of the Human City Project, a community-driven media, architecture, planning, and human rights initiative in Nigeria, Michael is exploring design processes through which violently marginalized urban communities might gain a greater measure of control over the shaping of their cities.

Michael has presented his research and work internationally and curated programs at prominent institutions such as the National Film Theatre, Tate Modern, Architecture Association, and Institute for Contemporary Art, London. Don't miss this opportunity to learn frorm Uwemedimo, who is transforming the way we reflect on histories of political violence and empower communities through his groundbreaking work. Register by emailing Timothy Stacey:

About Michael Uwemedimo

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Michael Uwemedimo is a documentary producer and the co-founder and director of CMAP [Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform] in Nigeria. Michael graduated from the School of Design, Harvard University, is a visiting scholar at Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, University of California Irvine and 2022 Loeb Fellow.

About 'Friends of the Future'

The Friends of the Future seminars are the Urban Futures Studio’s take on public seminars: warm, interactive, and focused on hope. Each month, we invite an academic, activist, artist, or practitioner to chat with us on the sofa in front of a circle of colleagues and guests. All are welcome.

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