2 June 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00

Opening of the MIND Facility

A technical Stem Cell Seminar and a symposium will mark the opening of the MIND Facility: an innovative and unique Utrecht laboratory that aims at analysing and manipulating human brain cultures.

The MIND Research Facility focuses solely on studying the human brain, using stem cell technology. The aim of MIND is to develop 2D and 3D cultures of human neurons and to monitor and manipulate these cultures, using innovative microscopic approaches.

These state-of-the-art imaging and gene manipulation techniques are unique and crucial for understanding and treating brain disorders, and for facilitating the ever increasing focus of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht on brain development and disease.

Opening the MIND Facility: IPSC, Organoids and 3D microscopy

Hans Clevers

At the symposium, researchers from Utrecht as well as from universities abroad will speak about how they use these groundbreaking techniques to study various (human) organs and diseases, such as cystic fibrosis. Keynote speaker is Hans Clevers, who will talk about stem cell-grown organoids as models for human disease.

Who's involved?

The MIND Facility Opening Symposium is a joint effort between the UMCU Brain Center Rudolf Magnus and Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells programmes.

MIND is a collaboration between the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus IPSC facility (headed by Pasterkamp) and the Biology Imaging Center at the Faculty of Science (headed by Casper Hoogenraad).

Within Utrecht University’s strategic research theme Dynamics of Youth, Jeroen Pasterkamp is now developing a new interdisciplinary research project on early brain development: The first 1001 critical days of a child’s life.

Start date and time
2 June 2017 10:00
End date and time
2 June 2017 17:00