Online workshop 'Towards an inclusive curriculum', with One Book One Campus


In this online session, Marina de Bies from Anton de Kom University in Surinam will share her experiences on inclusive education and decolonizing knowledge in education. She will discuss what local knowledge making is and how, as a teacher, you can integrate this in your education to create a more inclusive curriculum. Through examples and reflection you will learn more about integrating more diversity in your education. This workshop will be in Dutch (English as lingua receptiva)

This workshop is part of One Book One Campus 2024: a reading event organised by the EDI-office at Utrecht University which aims to broaden our understanding of the world, our communities, and ourselves through sharing a good book. It offers opportunities to meet and connect with others. This year’s selected book is Anton de Kom’s We Slaves of Suriname. Anton de Kom (1898-1945) was an anti-colonial writer, poet and activist.

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