Onderwijsparade 2021


On Thursday, 4 March 2021, the annual Onderwijsparade (Education Parade) will take place. This year's theme is 'Connecting Communities'. 

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The Education Fair forms a platform for dialogue between students, teaching staff and support and administrative staff about teaching at our university. Among other things, the day will feature an inspirational keynote, workshops and debate sessions. The winners of the Teacher Awards will also be announced. The working language on the day will be English, although some workshops will be offered in Dutch. This year, society will be added to the dialogue.

Connecting Communities

Academic education and society are inextricably linked. How do they relate to each other? How can they benefit from each other? Bring your own vision to the Onderwijsparade and be inspired by the various insights.

Karin Rebel
Karin Rebel


After a warm word of welcome by Rector Magnificus Henk Kummeling, Karin Rebel will have a discussion with social partner Rose-Anne Dotinga of the gaming company IJsfontein. The conversation is moderated by Bright O. Richards. In 2019, they developed the Utrecht 2040 Game: a serious game to introduce students to the discipline of sustainability by way of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Rose-Anne Dotinga

Together they will reflect on how their collaboration formed a bridge between society and education. Karin Rebel is an associate professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and Senior Fellow at the Centre for Academic Teaching. Rose-Anne Dotinga is a behaviour change designer at IJsfontein

Bright O. Richards

Bright O. Richards is the founder of New Dutch Connections: a foundation that uses theatre, among other things, to empower young newcomers. During the Onderwijsparade, he is the keynote discussion leader in the keynote conversation with Karin Rebel and Rose-Anne Dotinga.

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Sign up here and mark Thursday 4 March 2021 in your calendar! The Onderwijsparade takes place online and is streamed from the Utrecht University Hall (Academiegebouw). The day starts at 12:30 with a drop-in programme and ends at 17:00.

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