9 April 2015 from 20:00 to 22:00

Lecture by Saskia Sassen

On (in)visibility in society

Prof. Saskia Sassen
Prof. Saskia Sassen

More and more people in our society are pushed out of sight. They are chased, exiled, expelled, declared redundant and unprofitable. They are forced to live a life outside of our field of vision. In a lecture on 9 April, sociologist and economist Saskia Sassen will discuss processes of marginalisation, and the possibilities to make those who are currently rendered invisible in society visible again.

We all know them: the elderly in the garden houses, people with mental disabilities in the shelters in the woods, refugees and undocumented migrants in tent camps or prisons. Their 'economic value' is too low and therefore they are being pushed to the margins of society. What kind of mechanisms are at work in these processes of marginalisation? And how can these people be made visible again?

Sassen’s talk will be followed by a response from historian and columnist Zihni Özdil. The lecture will be in English an chaired by philosopher and publicist Marjan Slob.

This lecture is part of an international art manifestation Hacking Habitat – Art of Control, as one of the Life Hack Marathons. The event is supported by the Centre for the Humanities and Utrecht University's focus area Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights.

Start date and time
9 April 2015 20:00
End date and time
9 April 2015 22:00
Entrance fee
€ 10 (via www.tivolivredenburg.nl)