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We look forward to seeing our platform members for a winter borrel at our next network event, which will take place between 16.30-18.30pm on Friday 2nd December. At this event, we will kick-off the Contesting Governance Platform’s new Interdisciplinary Playground series, by playing the board game COLLAB* together and having a borrel.

The Interdisciplinary Playground series is designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue. It will consist of play/ games-based activities that are intended to capture members’ experiences of interdisciplinary collaboration, help members reflect on the assumptions at the heart of their disciplines, learn more about the structures and priorities of other disciplines and get to know each other.

Please come ready to play, learn and discuss!

*COLLAB is a board game designed to foster interdisciplinary dialogue designed by Silja Klepp and Johanna Barnbeck

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De Zalen van Zeven, Boothstraat 7 Utrecht
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