Multidisciplinary Academic Perspectives on Gaza and its repercussions

Institutions for Open Societies Series


Institutions for Open Societies organizes, alongside the meetings and brainstorms on Gaza by various IOS platforms, a series of academic meetings in which scholars from different disciplines reflect on the causes and backgrounds of the events in Gaza and their wider context, and on the repercussions for society and university itself. 

At this first meeting, Peter Malcontent and Joas Wagemakers will explore the following questions in depth

- What is the historical context?
- How does this reach into the political present?
- What is the role of the international community?

Introductions by

  • Peter Malcontent, assistant professor in international history, specialized in the history of human rights, transitional justice and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Joas Wagemakers, associate professor of Islamic and Arabic studies, specialized in the intellectual history of modern Islam in the Arab world, especially Salafism and Islamism
  • Moderator: James Kennedy.

The lecture is open to staff and students of Utrecht University.

We aim to create a safe, inclusive and constructive learning environment. For this reason, all those attending are required to respect the rules of the collective, which means that any form of hate speech, intimidation, and harassment are not welcome. 

Start date and time
End date and time
Utrecht Science Park

There are limited spots available, signing up is therefore requested. Please sign up via this registration form