18 December 2019 from 19:00 to 22:00

Movie and discussion on International Migrants Day

L'ordine delle cose

On the occasion of International Migrants Day (18 December 2019), Utrecht University is screening the compelling movie L’ordine delle cose at Louis Hartlooper Complex. Director Andrea Segre will be introducing the film and afterwards the audience is invited to take part in a discussion with him and with Dutch journalist and writer Linda Polman. To have a wider reflection on Europe and Migration, in the light of the movie. This event is organised by researchers from the Platform on EU Politics and Policy

L’ordine delle cose (2017)

Andrea Segre, 2017, 115 min., English subtitles.

Screening: 19.00-21.00 hrs. in zaal 3

Corrado Rinaldi, a senior official for the Italian Interior Ministry, is on a field assignment in Libya. During a night patrol in the desert he meets Swada, a young Somali woman who left her war-ravaged country in order to try and reach Europe. 
The conditions in which Swada and the other refugees are kept, and the discovery of a hidden body confirm what officials already suspected: those who run these hotspots are doing business with traffickers by supplying them with immigrants.
Swada wants to escape this Libyan ‘hotspot’ and resume her journey to get to her husband that is already in Europe. Corrado gives her something to eat and drink and from that moment on their destinies are linked. Corrado clashes with the logic of local tribal powers and also with politicians upon his return to Italy. Above all, he must face his own conscience: will he respect his orders and the rule of law, or follow his human instinct and try helping someone in trouble?

L'ordine delle cose was awarded the Special Award for Human Rights at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in 2017. 

Discussion with the audience

Discussion from 21.15-22.00 hrs. in Das Kabinett

Afterwards, the audience is cordially invited to participate in a discussion on the dynamics of immigration control – in the light of the movie. Director Andrea Segre will ‘decodify’ the message of border control, looking at the human aspects of the migratory phenomenon. 
Also taking part in the discussion will be journalist and writer Linda Polman, who has written several books about migration in relation to international politics. 

A wider reflection on Europe and Migration 

Migratory flows to Europe have been recently become one of the most debated divisive issues of today’s politics – both at the EU- and national level. There are no easy solutions. Both legally and politically, it raises fundamental questions about responsibility, solidarity and security. In spite of the drop of attempts to cross the Central Mediterranean, the death rate in this part of the sea has increased over the past few months. The numerous interceptions of boats packed with migrants in the Mediterranean attempting to reach Europe and the consequent political reactions full of hatred raises a number of questions. How to manage the maritime borders of the EU? What are the States’ responsibilities toward migrants? Where should access to asylum procedures be ensured?

International Migrants Day

Why International Migrants Day? The United Nations (UN) have named 18 December ‘International Migrants Day’ since on 18 December 1990, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. International Migrants Day is seen as an opportunity to recognize the contribution millions of migrants make to the economies of their host and home countries, and to promote respect for their basic human rights.

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This event is organised by the Utrecht University Platform on EU Politics and Policy (Institutions for Open Societies) in collaboration with Louis Hartlooper Complex and the Science & Fiction Film series.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Trineke Palm: t.p.palm@uu.nl.

Start date and time
18 December 2019 19:00
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18 December 2019 22:00