1 July 2019 from 16:15 to 17:15

PhD defence of Lasse Grimmelt

Modern Applications of the Circle Method

The Circle Method is a mathematical device to study additive problems in the whole numbers. It was first used in the beginning of the last century and has since led to multiple modern variants that allow us to solve new problems. In this thesis these are applied to prove three new results. The spirit behind the main results is the following idea: The classical Circle Method allows us to build very precise models to solve additive questions. Sometimes we may not have all the information required for this. However, as long as we confine our object of interest in an hull that we can understand, we can show that the model does not behave too wildly and solve the additive problem.

Start date and time
1 July 2019 16:15
End date and time
1 July 2019 17:15
PhD candidate
L.P. Grimmelt
Modern Applications of the Circle Method
PhD supervisor(s)
prof. dr. G.L.M. Cornelissen
dr. D. Schindler