From 7 June 2019 14:00 to 30 June 2019 22:00

Mobility Museum 2050 moves to the Utrecht City Centre Library

The Mobility Museum 2050 - after spending time at the Educatorium - has just migrated to the UU City Centre Library, giving an equal chance to UU employees and students who do not spend so much time at Utrecht Science Park to venture into the past and potential future of human mobility.

If you will be passing by the library before June 30th, you have got to come take a peek!

Mobility is more than just a puzzle that can be solved with technology, but it is ridden with cultural values and animal spirits.

What is the Mobility Museum?

The Mobility Museum 2050 is a project entirely designed by students, curated by three professors, organized by Urban Futures Studio, and brought back to the UU by Green Office Utrecht.

It shows how the way that humans move has changed drastically in the last century - due to specific mobility disruptions - and how we will have to expect it to change even more dramatically in the next fifty years due to the climate crisis. What may seem unimaginable now, may be what is seen as indispensable in the future. After all, mobility is about more than just technology, but also about the culture, values, and how the world is perceived.

While based on different technologies, the exhibited mobility disruptions have very strong similarities, and communicate the key lesson that the Mobility Museum wishes to teach: “Mobility is more than just a puzzle that can be solved with technology, but it is ridden with cultural values and animal spirits” (Mobility Museum catalogue). “What were they thinking?” is a question that might be posed when looking back at any so-called breakthrough or disruption; which begs the following question, "what will they be thinking next?".

Lastly, the project also shows that collective action is needed to make freedom of mobility for everyone more sustainable, while informing students and employees of their personal mobility impact, and facing them with the idea that we may either choose to decrease our carbon emissions, or will eventually be forced to do so.

You can find the Mobility Museum at UBB, until June 30th.

Here are some short stories that give hints about the content of the exhibition:

- London, 1894… we have a great manure crisis on our hands! Horse manure is piling up on the streets, but how will we ever survive without our horse-drawn carts?

- Amsterdam, 1975… An eclectic assemblage of squatters and conservationists are rising up violently against plans to replace outdated buildings in the city-centre of Amsterdam with a highway and subway line. These projects would turn Amsterdam into a pristine metropolis, so what are these protestors thinking?!

- Utrecht, 2022… the Green Left party won the elections by a landslide, and the party subsequently banned private cars – an outmoded and polluting concept which humanity should distance itself from – from the city centre, while making all public transport free! This is a great victory for the country to meet its climate obligations, but why in the world did we only wait until now?!

- The world, 2036… CHAOS in Utrecht, as the city government’s overly-optimistic policies led to serious under-supply and complaints from citizens whose daily commute turned into a fight for survival. The banning of private ownership of cars might be the worst mistake we have ever made, and the counter-movement is growing.

Green Office Utrecht (GOU) is Utrecht University’s central sustainability hub where fresh minds and hands come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development. Green Office Utrecht makes the university’s policy tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members by informing them, involving them and empowering them to act. Green Office Utrecht is active on four themes: Food, Biodiversity, Mobility and Circularity.

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7 June 2019 14:00
End date and time
30 June 2019 22:00