20 September 2018 from 15:00 to 17:00

Meeting Special Interest Group Entrepreneurship Education: Educational design

Location has been changed: New location is Kruytgebouw, Padualaan 8, event space behind the Kiosk on the first floor.

On Thursday 20th of September the special interest group Entrepreneurship Education organises a third meeting. The meeting is meant for teachers that embrace this theme, are trying to give entrepreneurship a role in their education and want to exchange knowledge and experience with each other. All interested teachers are welcome to join, also if you do not have experience with entrepreneurship education yet.

Educational design

This meeting is about educational design and entrepreneurship: how do you design your courses in order to foster and inspire entrepreneurial thinking and acting. The goal is to inspire each other and to exchange teaching practices on different educational topics, such as: learning goals, learning activities and methods for assessment. This session will be co-hosted by Yvette Baggen from the department of Education. Her research is directed towards learning in organisations, entrepreneurial processes and opportunity identification.

The meeting will end at 17.00, after which there is the opportunity to all have a drink together. 

SIG Entrepreneurship Education

If we want our students to take a leading role in solving the bigger challenges the world is faced with, we should adjust our education. This asks for leadership, entrepreneurship and the ability to continue learning. How do you stimulate students in this way and how do you apply this in your teaching and learning? This SIG aims to connect teachers who are engaged with entrepreneurship education and want to learn from their colleagues. This SIG is initiated by Jelle Kok and launched in corporation with Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE).

Do you want to share your story on entrepreneurship education or do you have questions or ideas on the theme and content? Please, contact Jelle Kok or Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Start date and time
20 September 2018 15:00
End date and time
20 September 2018 17:00