27 November 2019 from 16:00 to 17:30

Meeting SIG Honours Teaching

On Tuesday November 26th 2019, the focus of the next SIG Honours Teaching is on ‘student-led honours courses’, where honours students get to design their own course and take charge of their own learning about topics they are passionate about.

But what happens when you let students completely free to act as teachers for a whole semester? How to guarantee academic credibility without curbing their enthusiasm? What happens when adding more breadth and depth to one's academic experience explicitly happens in the framework of personal development and in a group dynamics?

As honours director at University College Utrecht, Dr. Chiara Robbiano will share her thoughts and best practices on student-led honours seminars, while TJ Querio and Gideon Frey will share experiences from the student perspective.

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Feel welcome to be part of the SIG! As SIG Honours Teaching we organize informal meetings where teachers meet to discuss honours education. We want, as in our honours education, to exceed faculty boundaries. Our goal: to exchange examples of excellent educational ideas, discuss what honours education means for us, and in general, build a committed honours community throughout the university. 

Start date and time
27 November 2019 16:00
End date and time
27 November 2019 17:30