6 November 2018 from 15:30 to 17:30

Meeting SIG Entrepreneurship Education

For the next meeting of the SIG Entrepreneurship Education we will venture outside of the university to HKUX, the newly opened space for students of HKU who want to continue with their business or graduation project. Do you want to get in contact with colleagues from HKU and see how creative manufacturing processes overlap with entrepreneurial attitudes? Sign up via the link below!

SIG Entrepreneurship Education

If we want our students to take a leading role in solving the bigger challenges the world is faced with, we should adjust our education. This asks for leadership, entrepreneurship and the ability to continue learning. How do you stimulate students in this way and how do you apply this in your teaching and learning? This SIG aims to connect teachers who are engaged with entrepreneurship education and want to learn from their colleagues. This SIG is initiated by Jelle Kok and launched in corporation with Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE).

Do you want to share your story on entrepreneurship education or do you have questions or ideas on the theme and content? Please, contact Jelle Kok or Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Start date and time
6 November 2018 15:30
End date and time
6 November 2018 17:30