28 November 2018 from 17:00 to 21:00

Meet your co-founder

Meet your co-founder at UtrechtInc

Are you looking for a co-founder/business partner for your startup? Are you looking for a startup to join? Or are you a student and are you looking for an internship? Meet up November 28th during Meet your Co-founder in The Garage.

A strong, complementary team is usually stronger than solo entrepreneurs. Being a startup, this will automatically increase the knowledge and skills in your team and allows you to scale more quickly. Together with EIT Climate-KIC, UtrechtInc presents Meet your Co-founder.

In addition to startups and researchers looking for co-founders, a mix of startups at the event will also present job openings and internships.

This free event is for you when…

  • You and your startup are looking for a co-founder. You’re working on your business, but the team is not complete. November 28th is the day you will meet entrepreneurs, investors, business developers and IT specialists who are looking for a startup to join. During the event you will get to know them and their expertise.
  • You are looking for a startup or researcher with an idea to join. During Meet your Co-founder, you will be introduced to startups looking for co-founders. Startups looking for IT specialists, commercial experts and/or someone who’s handson in operations.
  • You are a researcher at the UU or UMC Utrecht and you’re interested in bringing innovative technology to the market, for which you are looking for partners or experts.
  • You are a student and you are looking for an internship or your first job at an exciting startup.
Start date and time
28 November 2018 17:00
End date and time
28 November 2018 21:00