18 May 2018 from 17:30 to 19:30

Building startups around (scientific) innovations

Meet your co-founder

Meet your co-founder at UtrechtInc

Ever considered starting an enterprise based on your research, in order to make the knowledge applicable to society?

We understand that you won’t make the step to the market alone,but rather together with a complementary team.

UtrechtInc can match you

On the 18th of May UtrechtInc organises ‘Meet Your Co-founder’. A matchmaking event for researchers who are looking to build a startup team around their (scientific) innovation. Together with entrepreneurial co-founders they will bring their research to the market, while being able to determine up to which point they want to be involved.

During this event they will match you to potential co-founders and professionals, by organising speeddates based on profiles. After this there will be networking drinks.

You don’t need to have a startup in order to participate. If you’re playing with the idea to start a company (based on research), joining meet your co-founder is a good way to find answers to all your questions, enrich your network and perhaps find partners for your enterprise.  

Any questions in advance?

Don’t hesitate to contact Utrecht Holdings via (+31)30 253 5854. They’d love to help you (preparing for it).

Who can you meet?

  • Potential co-founders (to take the lead in your startup)
  • Professionals who want to work and/or invest in a startup
  • Young as well as experienced talents
  • Specialised in: entrepreneurship, business development, sales, finance, operations, IT and marketing.
Start date and time
18 May 2018 17:30
End date and time
18 May 2018 19:30
Entrance fee
It’s free, no strings attached
More information
UtrechtInc event page