Meet & Read (One Book One Campus) in University Library Science Park


Curious about We Slaves of Suriname but haven't had time to read it yet? Come to a Meet & Read! Lead by a trained reading group supervisor we will read a passage from De Kom's book aloud and engage in conversation; this is known as Shared Reading. Preparation is not necessary and it is not required to have read the book beforehand. The Meet & Read sessions are free of cost and accessible to everyone. The sessions will be in English or Dutch, depending on the preference of the participants. During March One Book One Campus organizes Meet & Read sessions in both University Libraries and online. The overview of all sessions can be found on the site: One Book, One Campus.

Start date and time
End date and time
University Library Science Park, 1.14. Heidelberglaan 3

You can register by mailing to (not required but appreciated).