Meet other lgbti+ networks in higher education


An increasing number of mbo's, colleges and universities have lgbti+ networks, committed to creating a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. To learn from each other, to exchange experiences and ideas, and also just to get to know other networks, the GSA* of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, together with COC Nederland and COC Midden-Nederland, is organising the first national GSA afternoon for MBOs, colleges and universities.

There will be lectures on the latest scientific insights into the effectiveness of lgbti+ networks, such as GSAs, in education, practical workshops on how to now set up an lgbti+ network within your organisation, how to keep it active, and how to make sure it is a diverse club. We will also talk about the role and importance of allies and how to engage them. There will be plenty of room for talks and discussions, both within the different training areas (so for MBO, HBO or university separately) and also mixed. And we will conclude with a convivial drink.

Start date and time
End date and time
Hogeschool Utrecht, exact location to follow
Entrance fee
Free (including drinks afterwards)

More info? GSA Hogeschool Utrecht

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