Mathematics Education Seminar Online

Arthur Bakker

The themes of future mathematics education research: Results from an international survey

Arthur Bakker (UU), Jinfa Cai (Delaware, USA), Linda Zenger (UU)

On what themes or research questions should mathematics education research focus in the coming decade? From across six continents and 43 countries, 229 mathematics educators responded to this one-question survey, administered in 2019. Across the globe, respondents proposed to

1) rethink learning goals,

2) improve approaches to reach these goals,

3) gain more insight into affect,

4) make better use of technology,

5) make mathematics education more inclusive,

6) relate mathematics education better to the world outside school, and

7) invest in professional development.

Using these survey results as a starter, we intend to engage you in a discussion about how to move the field forward, also in light of the COVID-19 crisis.


The video of the discussion from this seminar can be found here.


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