Mathematics Education Seminar Online


Innovative practices in higher education mathematics: taking the student perspective  

Birgit Pepin & Zeger-Jan Kock (TU/e Eindhoven)

In this presentation we first review the literature related to innovative practices of mathematics in (higher) engineering education, in particular challenge-based education approaches. Second, we develop insights from the different studies that we conducted in mathematics education in an engineering context at our university. Results show that mathematics education does not seem to easily lend itself to some of the innovations in engineering education (e.g., challenge-based learning), especially in the bachelor programme, for particular reasons that we (try to) explain. At the same time, it is obvious that students ‘demand’ more student-centred and self-directed/autonomous education approaches, also in mathematics education. Moreover, it appears that authentic problem-based courses are more motivating for students. These ‘new’ approaches necessitate particular types of structure and support for students. Moreover, they require different ways of providing resources that student can and want to interact with, and that help students to navigate through the curriculum to develop their own learning paths.       

The seminar will be held online in Microsoft Teams

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