15 July 2019 from 11:00 to 11:30

Master's graduation talk Kevin Peters

On Monday July 15th Kevin Peters will give his graduation talk on his MSc. work at AMOLF in the Interacting Photons group of dr. Said Rodriguez.

Non-Markovian stochastic resonance in a tunable microcavity

A general feature of driven nonlinear optical systems is the possible existence of two stable states with different photon numbers for equal driving conditions. In the bistable regime, background noise plays an important role in the output signal of the system. In fact, the synergetic interplay between a small periodic modulation and fluctuations even leads to counterintuitive behaviour: the signal-to-noise ratio increases for an increased noise intensity, showing a resonant-like peak as a function of the noise intensity, an effect known as stochastic resonance.

We use a thermo-optical liquid inside a microcavity, leading to bistability at strong enough driving amplitudes. However, thermal relaxation of the liquid leads to temporally nonlocal interactions. In this talk we will discuss how we include this thermal relaxation in our model and how this affects the signal output, working our way towards the experimental realisation of stochastic resonance in this inherently non-Markovian system.


Start date and time
15 July 2019 11:00
End date and time
15 July 2019 11:30