5 June 2019 from 14:00 to 17:00

Masterclass Nick Couldry: Big Data & the Hollowing Out of the Social

Prof. dr. Nick Couldry
Prof. Nick Couldry

On 5 June the masterclass Big Data & the Hollowing Out of the Social with Prof. Nick Couldry (London School of Economics and Political Science) will take place.

This masterclass will explore how the social quantification sector is shaping society. It seeks to spark discussion about the social knowledge generated by this new form of colonialism, concerned with normalizing the exploitation of human beings for data, and the implications it has for social inequality and social justice. It explores the limits of a social world that is governed by social caching and proxy. Furthermore it discusses what the human and social sciences can do to counter this “hollowing out of the social”.

After an introductory talk by Prof. Nick Couldry, three papers by doctoral candidates will be presented. A general discussion will follow.

Reading to prepare

Couldry, Nick and Ulises Mejias. (forthcoming August 2019). “The Hollowing Out of the Social” from The Costs of Connection: How Data is Colonizing Human Life and Appropriating it for Capitalism. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Chapter 4.

Fourcade, Marion and Kieran Healy (2013). "Classification situations: Life-chances in the Neoliberal Era."
Accounting, Organizations and Society 38(8): 559-572.

Nick Couldry

Nick Couldry is Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. As a sociologist of media and culture, he approaches media and communications from the perspective of the symbolic power that has been historically concentrated in media institutions. He is interested in how media and communications institutions and infrastructures contribute to various types of order (social, political, cultural, economic, ethical). His work has drawn on, and contributed to, social, spatial, democratic and cultural theory, anthropology, and media and communications ethics. His analysis of media as ‘practice’ has been widely influential. He is the author or editor of 12 books and many journal articles and book chapters.

Start date and time
5 June 2019 14:00
End date and time
5 June 2019 17:00