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MARCH Workshop on Modelling and Animating Realistic Crowds and Humans

Photo: Brian Merill (Pixabay)

The workshop MARCH: Modelling and Animating Realistic Crowds and Humans will be organized on 17th December as part of the 3rd IEEE Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality conference.

The objective of the workshop is to present the state of the art and new research perspectives on three key challenges: modeling digital humans, animating them, and creating groups/crowds of autonomous characters. The workshop aims to establish a new platform for the development of virtual-human technology at the intersection of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual reality (VR). Some of the topics covered are expressive character animations (face, gaze and gestures), socially interactive virtual agents and machine learning/deep learning methods for character animation.

Keynote and other talks

The workshop will have a keynote from Rachel McDonnell from Trinity College Dublin on “Appealing Virtual Humans”. In addition to recent research results from the authors, there will be a talk about EU projects PRESENT (Photoreal Real-time Sentient Entity) and CLIPE (Creating Lively Interactive Populated Environments) from Anne-Helene Olivier and Julien Pettre from Inria Rennes.

Dr. Zerrin Yumak from the Human-Centered Computing group at the Department of Information and Computing sciences is one of the organizers. For more information, please check the workshop website.

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