Lustrum activity - SIG University of the future: A conversation about the future of the university imagined by absurdities from the present


We live in a time of transformations on many fronts (inclusion, digitalisation, ecology) where universities are often frontrunners in doing research on those transformations. We sometimes forget that, in order to do that well, we need to keep updating our institution. 

Where are the absurd things in our work, in doing our teaching, research, and organising, if we would look back from the future of the university to now? The Special Interest Group University of the Future and the Utrecht Young Academy are curating an absurdity museum in the canteen of the Vening Meinesz building on the Utrecht Science Park on Monday 12 December between 15:00-17:00h to find answers to this question?

As a participant in this session, imagine yourself in the role of 'maker'. Bring an object (or a thought or an idea) from everyday life that you find absurd in relation to how we currently organise our work at the university (for inspiration: a gown, an XS pass, thoughts on promotion processes, a study manual). 

By filling the museum, we get into a conversation about absurdities in the present and how we could/should relate to them in the future. 

We hope for a broad and diverse group of makers: student, staff member (both academic and non-scientific) or social partners of the university.  We hope that the exhibition we create on site will be allowed to stay for a while, if it can with the rules of fire safety 😉 . 

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Vening Meinesz building, cantine (Grand Café)

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