Lustrum activity SIG AR/VR - XR technology in the spotlight: discover the endless possibilities!


Always wanted to be a lawyer in Virtual Reality (VR)? Experience 3D learning in Augmented Reality (AR)? Do you want to practice patient scenarios in Mixed Reality (MR)? Or just want to play VR games to map thinking functions? Visit the XR symposium and experience these different forms of Extended Reality (XR) for yourself. You won't believe your own eyes!

On 15 december 2022 (12.30 - 17.00h), the Special Interest Group Augmented and Virtual Reality will host an XR-symposium. During this symposium, several XR-projects will be highlighted. Project leaders will give a demonstration on how they use XR technology in their teaching or research. A unique opportunity to experience how these different XR technologies can enrich teaching and research. A great opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with the project leaders who will attend the symposium and get inspiration on how XR technology can enrich your own teaching or research.

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Round 1 from 13:00 - 14:30h.

Round 2 from 15:00 - 16:30h

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