LERU Doctoral Summer School 2022: the University of the Future

What role can universities play in making the world a better place?

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professor handing summer school participant a certificate
Professor Maarten Hajer hands over a certificate to a summer school participant

Utrecht University is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Each year, LERU organises a summer school for its PhD students. This annual event aims to provide doctoral candidates with unique professional and personal development opportunities beyond what they are generally exposed to in the course of their PhD training.

In 2022 the LERU summer school will be hosted and organised by the Urban Futures Studio of Utrecht University. Its theme will be The University of the Future, Rethinking the role of universities worldwide in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.

A group of 60 selected PhD students from LERU members and a number of UU partner universities will get together for a week to listen to inspiring speakers and to work on a Manifest. The formula of this Summer School is such that relatively much time is reserved for participants to deliberate and brainstorm, to write their appeal in stages throughout the week.

Among the speakers are José van Dijck, Maarten Hajer, the still to be appointed Prince Claus Chair, and Leonardo da Vinci expert Michael Kwakkelstein. Geert Buelens will guide the participants in writing a Manifest, which at the end of the week will be presented to a panel of stakeholders.

By creating an exceptional and truly international, intercultural and interdisciplinary meeting of bright young minds, the Summer School creates a highly stimulating learning experience which should be of long lasting value to the participants’ future careers.

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Participants are LERU university PhD candidates who are elected on the basis of a university-wide selection process.

PhD students of Utrecht University are warmly invited to apply for a placement by submitting a CV and a motivation letter to the secretary of their Graduate School, who can provide them with more information. Candidates should be well advanced in their doctoral project and have a strong motivation in rethinking the role of universities in their regional setting, but also nationally, in Europe, and globally.

A maximum of one candidate per Graduate School can be admitted to the Summer School on the University of the Future.

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