Legal Research Master Conference 2019

The Legal Research Master's Conference Committee is pleased to announce that this year's conference, titled "The Climate of Law: Our changing world; changing our laws" will take place on the 17th of May at the Cervantes Institute in Utrecht. 

The conference will explore the pressures of climate change on modern and future societies, and measure how these pressures will influence future legal changes in private, public and international law's volatile future.


Please find the schedule for the Conference below:

  • Opening: Prof. mr. Janneke Gerards (Utrecht University)
  • Keynote I: Dr. Elbert de Jong (Utrecht University)
  • Keynote II: Mr. Jan van de Venis (JustLaw)

Seminar I: International Criminal Law with Reinhold Gallmetzer (ICC)
Reinhold Gallmetzer is an Appeals Counsel at the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. He is also the founder and chairperson of the Center for Climate Crime Analysis, a non-profit organization of prosecutors and law enforcement experts established to support and scale up judicial climate action (see

Seminar II: The Energy Transition with Dr. Sanne Akerboom (Utrecht University)
Sanne Akerboom has conducted legal and political science research regarding the energy transition since 2010. Sanne wrote her PhD on an interdisciplinary legal and political science research about public participation in governmental decision making within the energy transition. At the moment, she is interested in participation and legal framework for the built environment, energy-intensive industry and renewable energy production. She researchers the nexus between technology, political decision-making and society. Finally, she is active within the Climate and Energy Group (Klimaat- en Energiekoepel, KEK), an organisation for young professionals involved in questions regarding the energy transition and the climate. 

Seminar III: A voice for future generations in democratic elections and/or the courtroom with Laura Burgers LLM (University of Amsterdam)
Laura Burgers is affiliated as a PhD Candidate to the Centre for the Study of European Contract Law at the University of Amsterdam. Her research entitled 'Justitia, the People's Power and Mother Earth' concerns the democratic legitimacy of judicial law-making in response to climate change litigation in European private law. Starting from a Habermasian account of deliberative democracy, she analyses how the judiciary may address interests of groups that are heavily affected by climate change but fall outside the classical 'demos' in a constitutional democracy: people in other nations, future generations and non-human entities such as animals, mountains and rivers.
Panel discussion on the future of the Climate of Law:

  • Dr. Jerfi Uzman (Utrecht University)
  • Dr. Mr. Valérie van 't Lam (Stibbe)
  • Dr. Jos Philips (Utrecht University)

Moderator: Mr. drs. Andre Verburg (Utrecht University)
For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Conference Committee: 

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