Lecture Ursina Füglister: Hadewijch’s Strophic Poems

Centre for Medieval Studies

Close-up van de Strofische gedichten van Hadewijch: een middeleeuws handschrift.
Hadewijch’s first Strophic Poem. Image: Universiteitsbibliotheek UGent via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

On Tuesday 3 October, Ursina Füglister will give a lunch lecture in the Centre for Medieval Studies’ lecture series: ‘Hadewijch’s Strophic Poems in the context of European lyric song collections’.

Strophic Poems

Hadewijch has a unique place in European mysticism that extends beyond the region of nowadays Flanders. In particular, her song collection of forty-five Strophic Poems, which shows interferences with the courtly genres of ‘Minnesang’ and Arthurian romance, has influenced research on mysticism and shaped the term ‘mystique courtoisie’ (Newman 1997). In her dissertation, Ursina Füglister examines the status of the Strophic Poems as a collection and places them in the context of the emergence of (mystical) spiritual song collections and secular ‘song books’.

Ursina Füglister

Ursina Füglister completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in German Literature and Classical Philology at the University of Zurich, including a term as a visiting student at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on mysticism and religious song. She is currently working in the Department of Medieval German Literature Zurich where she is pursuing her PhD.

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