18 June 2019 from 18:00 to 19:30

Lecture: The International Style of Narrative Literature

Prof. dr. Moritz Baßler. Bron: YouTube (still)
Prof. Dr Moritz Baßler. Source: YouTube (still)

On 18 June the lecture The International Style of Narrative Literature with Prof. Dr Moritz Baßler (University of Münster) will take place.

As far as fiction is concerned, we could simply state that realism won. It has outlasted the experimental phases of 20th century avant-garde movements and prevails today as the International Style of narrative literature.


If we perceive realism as a technique (Verfahren, prijom), though, a problem becomes evident: How can a prose literature that feeds upon our most common ideés reçues still be poetic – a second order sign, or simply something artistically meaningful?


The lecture will look at some of Germany’s most popular and praised contemporary novels (Kehlmann, Schlink) and discuss some of their features harking back into the intertwined histories of prose and realism.

Moritz Baßler

Moritz Baßler (1962) is a Professor of Neuere Deutsche Literatur at the University of Münster. Together with Tony Kaes he wrote a dissertation on expressionist prose (Die Entdeckung der Textur, 1994). More recently, he published a literary history focussing on narrative techniques (Deutsche Erzählprosa 1850-1950, 2015) and a book on brand names in pop music (Western Promises, 2019). He is co-editor of POP – Kultur und Kritik magazine and a die-hard textualist.

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18 June 2019 18:00
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18 June 2019 19:30
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