Lecture prof. Marc Koper: 'How to understand rates of electrocatalytic reactions'

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We are happy to invite you to the upcoming e-CHEMS lecture on February 13, 2024, from 16:00 to 18:00, for a lecture by Marc Koper from Leiden University. He's an expert in electrochemistry, and in this lecture, he'll delve into electrocatalysis and explore the topic of 'How to Understand Rates of Electrocatalytic Reactions.'

In this seminar, professor Marc Koper will discuss the (kinetic) modeling of electrochemical and electrocatalytic reactions in relation to experimental data. There are many complicating factors determining the rate of electrocatalytic reactions that are not included in the traditional Butler-Volmer model. Starting from transition-state-theory and Marcus theory, Marc Koper will attempt to systematically identify the complexities, and compare to relevant experiments in electrode kinetics and electrocatalysis. This includes the role of the statics and dynamics of the solvent, the role of “inert” ions in the double layer and the importance of the atomic-level electrode structure in that role, as well as the influence of electrode potential and temperature. He will also discuss the role of molecular or ab initio computational chemistry in elucidating the rate laws of electrocatalytic reactions.

Marc Koper is professor of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry at Leiden University. He is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of electrochemistry, a subdiscipline of chemistry that explores the use of electricity to produce or break down chemical compounds. His fundamental research has made crucial contributions to the greening of the Netherlands’ energy supply and the chemical industry.


15:45     Doors open (Ruppert Red)
16:00     Lecture Marc Koper (Ruppert Red)
17:00     Drinks and networking (Ruppert Hall)

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This event is organized by e-CHEMS and Science for Sustainability. e-CHEMS is a group of theoreticians and experimental experts from all departments of the Science Faculty with a common interest in electrochemistry. The group aims to build an inclusive, inspiring and collaborative community of researchers, lecturers and students on electrochemistry. 

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