9 December 2019 from 12:30 to 13:30

Lecture: Concepts of 'honor' and 'loyalty' in the medieval beast epic

Reyneke Vosz de olde (1592). Bron: Wikimedia
Reyneke Vosz de olde (1592). Source: Wikimedia

On 9 December the final UCMS-Lunchlecture of this year will take place. Irmgard Fuchs MA (Medieval Culture) will talk about her research on Concepts of 'honor' and 'loyalty' in the medieval beast epic.


Irmgard Fuchs MA
Irmgard Fuchs

Based on a common Old French version, the story of the sly fox spread out over Europe in a German tradition (Reinhart Fuchs) and a Dutch tradition (Van den vos Reynaerde, Reinaerts Historie). All three stories are about a conflict between a king (lion) and his vasall (fox).

Honor and loyalty 

However, each of the three tales deviates mainly from the others in the way it ends: one king loses his life, the other loses his honor, and the third makes the fox a member of the center of power. This lecture will discuss some aspects of the research project about the courtly concepts of 'honor' and 'loyalty' in the Middle High German and the Middle Dutch beast epic.

The lecture will be given in Dutch. Please bring your own lunch, we will provide tea and coffee. 

Start date and time
9 December 2019 12:30
End date and time
9 December 2019 13:30
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Free entrance