Lecture Ali Aljasem: Starvation as a weapon of war and the case of Gaza

Concerning War and Conflict Lecture Series

Girl sitting between big water bottles in Gaza City
Gaza City. Photo by Emad El Byed on Unsplash

On Friday 21 June Ali Aljasem (Utrecht University) will be the second speaker in the new Concerning War and Conflict Lecture Series. In ‘Starvation as a Weapon of War: The Case of Gaza’, Aljasem will delve into starvation as a weapon of war.

Starvation as political-military strategy

How and why do perpetrators use starvation as a political-military strategy to achieve their objectives within the context of war? There is a long tradition of conceptualising starvation within the field of conflict studies. This lecture reflects on definitions and practices of starvation, and on what key insights we gain when we apply starvation as an analytical tool to the strategies deployed by the Israeli government in Gaza after 7 October 2023.

New Concerning War and Conflict Lecture Series

In this second edition of the new Concerning War and Conflict lecture series, organised by Lauren Gould and Fabio Cristiano, scholars from the field of Conflict Studies look at the case of Gaza through their particular analytical lenses. The aim is to provide analytical tools and share knowledge to support and inspire a broader audience of Utrecht University staff, students, and the general public to make sense of this case. 

The series is open to all. Please arrive promptly and spread the word. We strive to create an inclusive and constructive learning environment. For this reason, all those attending are required to respect the rules of the collective, which means that any form of hate speech, intimidation, and harassment are not welcome. 

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