9 November 2018 from 15:30 to 18:00

Special issue of TMG – Journal for Media History

Launch 'Big Data Histories'

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On 9 November 2018 Big Data Histories, a special issue of TMG – Journal for Media History will be launched in Utrecht. Various speakers will be giving a presentation on the topic. 


15.30 Opening by issue editors Karin van Es (UU) and Eef Masson (UvA)
15.40 “The Database Revolution - 1970s/80s” – Dr. Niels Kerssens
16.10 “Unmasking Biometrics' Biases” – Rosa Wevers, MA
16.30 “Race-Ethnic Categorization in Dutch Census Reports, 1899-2018” - Gerwin van Schie, MA
16.50 Closing remarks
17.00 Drinks

table of contents 

Big Data Histories: An Introduction – Karin van Es, Eef Masson

Articles (peer reviewed)

Part 1 Contemporary Big Data Practices in Historical Perspective

  • The Database ‘Revolution’: The Technological and Cultural Origins of the Big Data-based Mindset in American Management, 1970s–1980s – Niels Kerssens
  • A Culture of Competition: Sport’s Historical Contribution to Datafication – Markus Stauff
  • Trust in Techno-images: Early Media Collections as Precursors of Big Data – Frank Kessler, Mirko Tobias Schäfer
  • Origins: A History of Race-Ethnic Categorization in the Dutch Governmental Data Ontology, 1899–2018 – Gerwin van Schie
  • Unmasking Biometrics’ Biases: Facing Gender, Race, Class and Ability in Biometric Data – Rosa Wevers

Part 2 – Big Data in Media (History) Research: Developments and Historical Entanglements

  • Writing Cinema Histories with Digital Databases: The Case of Cinema Context – Julia Noordegraaf, Kathleen Lotze, Jaap Boter
  • From Text Mining to Visual Classification: Rethinking Computational New Cinema History with Jean Desmet’s Digitised Business Archive – Christian Gosvig Olesen, Ivan Kisjes

by Eef Masson and Karin van Es

Part 1 – Constructing Knowledge on Big Data: Methods in Historical Context

  • Alison Powell on Data Walking
  • Mirko Tobias Schäfer on Entrepreneurial Research

Part 2 – Issues in Big Data Practice: Histories and Historiographies

  • Anne Helmond on Researching the History of the Web
  • William Uricchio on the Colonization of the Data-Imaginary in the Public Service Sector

Part 3 – Big Data Art, Present and Past

  • Data-Based Art, Algorithmic Poetry: Geert Mul in conversation with Eef Masson – Geert Mul, Eef Masson

Making Sense of the Data-driven: SETUP’s Algorithmic History Museum and its Relevance for Contemporary Reflection – Maranke Wieringa

Start date and time
9 November 2018 15:30
End date and time
9 November 2018 18:00
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