Knowledge clips 1,2, 3, GO! Part 3: Enriching your knowledge clip


Language: The spoken language of this session is English.

The third workshop of this series focuses on how to use knowledge clips in such a way that it encourages students to learn. One way to do this, is to enrich the clip with pop-up questions and/or assignments that promote active learning.

This workshop discusses different ways in which knowledge clips can be enriched (adding pop-up questions, adding chapters and/or adding assignments), what to focus on when enriching a clip and how you can integrate your knowledge clip in your course design by doing this. The workshop consists of a live session of one hour and a half, and contains several assignments that help you to learn more about the different options for enriching your knowledge clip, and which option best suits the objective of your knowledge clip.

Are you interested in participating in this session, but not able to join at this date/time? Contact to stay updated with future possibilities and/or any questions you might have. Are you curious about other workshops and webinars focusing on the teaching practice? Check out the offer here. And do you have questions about teaching? Then please contact Teaching Support for individual advice or support.

After this session, you can request an edubadge. You will get more information this during the session.

Please also take a look at the Teaching and Learning Collection for background information on teaching, such as various teaching methods, tips & tricks, and projects focused on educational research and innovation.

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