Join the expert: Bird's safari

Illustratie Niels Kerstes voor de Universiteit Utrecht
Illustration: Niels Kerstes for Utrecht University

Want to learn how to recognise and spot birds? Then join Birding with Mattie (in Dutch) in the Botanical Gardens.

With binoculars in your hand and a little help from Mattie, you will see more and more details in nature. By listening carefully to the sounds around you and using the information in Mattie's bird booklet, you will start to recognise the birds yourself. In Bird's hide, you can continue birding long after the excursion.

Come and join an expert to learn more about the bees, birds, and moths in the Gardens. Because apart from all the plants, many animals also live there. The excursions are suitable for young and old.

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Regular entrance fee applies to enter the Gardens. 
Participation to Join the expert is free.