Join the expert: Bees talk - 19 June '24

Kinderen kijken naar een bijenkas

Do you know how bees talk to each other? How do they know where they live? And how do they make honey? Trees, our beekeeper, tells you all about it and takes you to the Insect meadow in the Botanic Gardens.

What are the bees doing in the hives? Do they bring home food? And where do they get it from? Trees also knows the answers to your questions about other insects in the Insect Meadow.  

This activity is twice a day: from 12:00-13:00 and from 14:00-15:00.

Come and join an expert to learn more about the bees, birds, and moths in the Gardens. Because apart from all the plants, many animals also live there. The excursions are suitable for young and old.

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Regular entrance fees apply for entrance to the Gardens.
Participation to Bees talk is free. Please announce your interest at the ticket office.