IOS/UUCePP Transactional Talks: Researching Corruption in Public Procurement


Red flags are widely used to minimize the risk of corruption in public procurement. Drawing on criminal investigations, the literature has developed several indicators of corruption in public procurements and has put them forward as viable risk indicators. But are they genuinely viable, if only corrupt procurements are analyzed? In the fifth transactional talk this academic year, Joras Ferwerda) will address Corruption in Public Procurement: Finding the Right Indicators.

Using a dataset of 192 public procurements – with 96 cases where corruption was detected and 96 cases where corruption was not detected – this paper addresses the identification of significant risk indicators of corruption. With this paper we tap into one of the most vulnerable areas of criminological research – selecting the right sample – and consequently, our results can help increase the detection of corruption, increase investigation effectiveness and minimize corruption opportunities.

This hybrid meeting meeting will take place at Drift 25 (room 302), Utrecht.

You can sign up for the Transactional Talk (online or hybrid) by sending an email to Tom Huisjes.

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Drift 25 (room 302), Utrecht

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