European Open Societies in 2030: Challenges and Institutional Responses

IOS Toogdag

On September 16, strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies organizes the “IOS Toogdag”, centered around the theme: European Open Societies in 2030 - Challenges and Institutional Responses. During the day, there will be twelve parallel sessions with lectures, workshops and debates around themes close to the core of IOS research.

Prof. dr. Henk Kummeling, rector Magnificus Utrecht University, will give the opening remarks. Keynote speeches are provided by EU-experts Caroline de Gruyter (author and NRC correspondent) and prof. dr. Mathieu Segers (Maastricht University). Other speakers include prof. dr. Mark Bovens, prof. dr. José van Dijck, Arno Visser (Algemene Rekenkamer), and many more!

Connect, discuss and exchange

The goal is to provide all IOS scholars and IOS partners with an opportunity to connect, discuss and exchange thoughts and ideas. If you are currently working on IOS research together with partners outside of Utrecht University, please do invite them to join us during this special day. PhD and RMA students are also very welcome to attend, don’t hesitate to sign up through the registration form if you are interested in the topics at hand.

Find the programme overview below, or go to our "IOS Toogdag 2019" page to read more about the sessions and speakers.

Programme overview:


Plenary opening in the Aula (chair: prof. dr. Marcus Düwell)

‘Open Societies in 2030 - Challenges and Prospects’


Coffee break


Break out session 1

  • IOS-Hub Security in Open Societies
  • IOS-Platform Markets & Corporations
  • IOS-Stream Institutions for Resilience and Longtermism
  • IOS Stream Institutions, Innovation and Prosperity

Break out session 2

  • IOS-Hub Social Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • IOS-Hub Future of Citizen-based Initiatives
  • IOS-Stream Inequality
  • IOS-Stream Legitimacy and Institutions
  • IOS-Research: The New Silk Road & ETHOS



Break out session 3

  • IOS-Platform on EU Politics and Policy
  • IOS-Hub Future of Work
  • IOS-Hub Gender and Diversity
  • IOS-Platform Liberal and illiberal democracy
  • IOS-Stream Institutions and Behaviour

Coffee break


Plenary session and conclusion in the Aula (chair: prof. dr. Bas van Bavel)

‘Europe and the Future of Open Societies’

  • Prof. dr. Mathieu Segers, Professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration at Maastricht University and Dean of University College Maastricht.
  • Caroline de Gruyter, Europe correspondent and columnist NRC Handelsblad, regular contributor Carnegie Europe.


Institutions for Open Societies

Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) is one of the four interdisciplinary research areas of Utrecht University. IOS research focuses on the development and growth of healthy open societies everywhere.

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