IOS Fair Transitions / LANDac International Conference 2023

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Fair Transitions and the Politics of Land: Institutions and imaginaries for inclusive futures

Whether the energy transition, nature protection or food system transformation, the global challenges of our time all involve claims on land, water and forests. How these claims are framed, analyzed and governed and who gets a seat at the table to discuss key decision-making processes are questions of urgent concern.

Over the past 12 years the LANDac International Conference has offered a stage for researchers, policy makers and practitioners working on land governance to foster equitable and sustainable development. In this year’s conference LANDac and IOS Fair Transitions will join hands in facilitating the interdisciplinary dialogue necessary to address these concerns.

Join us in radically rethinking sustainable development and institutions for a future that safeguards not only ecological boundaries, but also the boundaries of fair and just development – on equal and symmetrical terms!


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Utrecht City Center, Drift Building

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