Studying the interaction of solvated ions with interfaces has long been a hot research topic at the interface of physics, chemistry, and processing technologies. The driving forces in iontronics are not necessarily solely electric, but possibly also osmotic due to an advective fluid flow or diffusive due to ion concentration gradients. These open a plethora of applications in signal-transducing, separation, electrochemical storage, etc. Advances in nanotechnology and computation methods have created a thriving new scientific discipline. In fact, iontronics is expected to play a prominent role in addressing some of the main challenges of the 21st century related to the energy transition, water desalination, circular economy, and green technologies. 
In this scientific meeting we will discuss the most recent experimental, theoretical, and numerical methods applied to this field (e.g. atomic force microscopy, single-molecule spectroscopy, nanofluidics, dynamic density functional theory) and review some of the existing challenges, both in fundamental research (e.g. understanding nanoscale ion transport) as well as in industrial applications (e.g. membrane technology, energy storage).  The program will consist of invited and contributed talks, a poster session, lunch and drinks afterwards. 

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Marinus Ruppertgebouw A