Join us on International Women's Day to raise awareness against gender bias

International Women's Day 2021

On Monday 8 March 2021 we will celebrate International Women's Day together with students, staff and alumni of Utrecht University. This year's theme is Unboxing Gender, with which we will start the conversation about pigeonholing, stereotyping and gender bias.

Unboxing Gender

Pigeonholing, stereotyping, prejudices: consciously or unconsciously we all do it. But they often paint a monotonous picture, and are therefore limiting. Therefore, with a varied programme, we offer a platform for research that is outside the box, and we organise meetings where you are invited to stand in someone else's shoes.


The programme includes (online) lectures, panel discussions, workshops and meetings that invite us all to step out of our own boxes.

The activities during International Women's Day challenge you to look at the world differently.

Do you have questions about the programme or about International Women’s Day in general? Send an email to:

The celebration of International Women's Day is part of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion month (March 2021). The programme Equality, Diversity & Inclusion organises various (online) activities in March, such as lectures and (creative) workshops for students, employees, alumni and other interested parties. Click here for more information about these activities.

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