International symposium NINO: Othering and Identity

Oude muurtekening, afbeelding voor het vierde internationale symposium van NINO (26 januari 2023)

The fourth annual meeting of the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) will take place on Thursday 26 January 2023. The symposium with the theme Othering and Identity is organised by Dr Rolf Strootman and Dr Ortal-Paz Saar from the Department of History and Art History of Utrecht University.

Topics and speakers

The lectures encompass topics from Assyriology, Hellenistic, Roman, and Late Antique history. Speakers include Marieke van Aerde (Leiden University), Céline Debourse (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Lucinda Dirven (Radboud University), Korshi Dosoo (Universität Würzburg), Milinda Hoo (Albert-​Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), Ilan Peled (Leiden University), and Bert van der Spek (NINO).

Start date and time
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Utrecht University, Drift 13, room 0.04
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