23 November 2018 from 09:00 to 17:30

Ethos and Partisanship

International symposium: Caring for the World

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Why and how do we engage in political movements, groups, and parties? On what basis do we recognize and identify as members of a political community? How do we know that a particular cause or claim is ‘ours’ and that we are ready to fight for it? How do we express and elaborate collectively our ‘care for the world’? This international conference aims at discussing the ethical and political foundations of revolutionary politics by bringing together different strands of critical theory, political philosophy and feminist thought. 

Its goal is to reflect on the groundings of contemporary forms of political commitment, from communist to feminist and queer politics, from anti-colonial /decolonial struggles to antiracist activism, from civil disobedience to ‘uncivil’ engagement. The focus lies on various ideological, ontological and affective mechanisms (belonging, care, responsibility, indignation, partisanship and ethos, among others) that sustain long-lasting attachment to political ideals and enhance active practices of political engagement.

The symposium is organised by Jamila Mascat (Gender Studies, UU) and Marieke Borren (Open University)


Marieke Borren (Open University, Utrecht), Jodi Dean (Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY), Katja Diefenbach (Merz Akademie, Stuttgart), Femke Kaulingfreks (Hogeschool InHolland, Amsterdam), Jamila Mascat (Utrecht University), Ella Myers (University of Utah, Salt Lake City), Kathrin Thiele (Utrecht University)


On Thursday morning November 22, 2018 Katja Diefenbach will give a masterclass on ‘Possessive Individualism and Transatlantic Slavery in Early Modern Philosophy’. The masterclass is for advanced RMA and PhD students. Registration deadline: November 12, 2018. You can find all the information about the masterclass here.

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23 November 2018 09:00
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23 November 2018 17:30
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