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International Fisheries Law Workshop

On February 7 and 8 2017,  the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS) and the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL) will host an international workshop entitled “Strengthening International Fisheries Law in an Era of Changing Oceans”. The workshop, which features contributions from a wide array of experts drawn from around the world, will examine challenges to the current legal arrangements for fisheries.

Set against a backdrop of warming oceans and shifting fish stocks, the discussants will consider how current fisheries governance may be further advanced to address changing physical and regulatory conditions, continued non-compliance and the need to ensure that fisheries are conducted in an environmentally sensitive manner that generates fair opportunities to all states.

View the preliminary programme (pdf). 
Participation in the workshop is based on invitation only.
The draft chapters and presentations prepared for the workshop are intended to culminate in a book entitled “Strengthening International Fisheries Law in an Era of Changing Oceans”, edited by Richard Caddell and Erik J. Molenaar.

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Achter Sint Pieter 200 (Toon Peterzaal), Utrecht