International conference: Faces of Islam, Of Tolerance and Coercion

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Schilderij van Govardhan waarop een derwisj een beer leidt. Bron: Metropolitan Museum of Art (public domain)

On 13 and 14 Ocotober, the team of the ERC project Beyond Sharia: The Role of Sufism in Shaping Islam will organise the international conference Faces of Islam: Of Tolerance and Coercion.

Debates and discussions

During this scholarly gathering, we give attention to various debates and discussions related to doctrinal concepts in Islamic mysticism, the nature of the Sharīʿa, its applicability to society, the concepts of belief (īmān) and unbelief (kufr).

Thorny questions

Also thorny questions will be covered, about the doctrine of Resurrection, the existence of heaven and hell, and whether one’s piety should be based on the fear of God or on the passionate love of God.

Nonconformist movements

Also we will examine the emergence of nonconformist movements such as Khurramiyya (or Khurramdīnīya, ‘Joyful Religion’), the Karrāmiyya and Malāmatiyya, reacting to doctrinal issues on Islam, opening a new intellectual dimension about the nature of religion.

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