From 15 July 2018 13:27 to 19 July 2018 13:27

Innovation Space Summer Crash Course

Summer Crash Course Flyer

Are you eager to learn more about innovation? Do you want to challenge yourself and make impact by solving open ended challenges? Are you interested in working together in multidisciplinary teams with students from Eindhoven Technical University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with students from Catalunya? Apply now and join the InnoSpace Summer Crash Course from 15-19 July!

What will you do?

During the InnoSpace Summer Crash Course you will work in a team to find creative sollutions to challenges posed by the city of Eindhoven and Barcelona! The programme consists of team building excercises, workshops in different methods suchs as design thinking and coaching by experts from the field. At the end of the week you will present your plans in a pitching battle and ofcourse there will be an after party to toast on all the great ideas!

The aim of the Summer Crash Course is to bridge the cultural gaps between Catalunya and The Netherlands, create societal impact and stimulate economical growth through the creation of new start-ups in both areas. The event is a joint collaboration from Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation Space TU Eindhoven, StudentsInc and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Innovation Space TU Eindhoven

Eindhoven Innovation Space

The Summer Crash Course takes place in the Eindhoven University of Technology's Innovation Space: a community and facility that supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship. A place where students create innovations that address real-world challenges.

Registration is open to students from all faculties, disciplines and levels (Bachelor/Master/PhD). Check out the flyer for more details and if you need a place to stay in Eindhoven.

Start date and time
15 July 2018 13:27
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19 July 2018 13:27
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