Inequality in the Medical Sector

Brown Bag Lunch Conversation:

Inequality in the Medical Sector (image retrieved from

This Brown Bag Lunch Conversation focuses on gender inequality within the medical sector of the Netherlands. In what shape or form does gender segregation exist in the medical field in the Netherlands? What are the underlying power dynamics that shape this gender segregation and consequent gendering of professions? And why has it taken on such naturalized forms? We are joined by Silke Baas (PhD candidate within the Economic and Social History Department) and Johanna Kruger (PhD candidate in Social and Organizational Psychology within the GRID (Groups and Identity) Lab), who will give a joint presentation of the socio-historical (re)production of gender inequality all the way up to how it configures in the present day. First, Silke Baas will provide the context of the topic by laying out the historical trends of gender inequality in medical specialties in the Netherlands. Johanna Kruger picks up the narrative in the present day by sharing what ‘the ideal doctor’ stereotype looks like today and what social psychological processes we are finding at play amongst doctors. 

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Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Ravensteynzaal (Room 1.06)
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