15 June 2018 from 12:30 to 17:00

A conference by refugee education programme Incluusion

Incluusion Conference: The road to integration through higher education

We are proud to announce the second edition of the Incluusion conference. This year the main theme will revolve around the themes of integration and participation of refugees in our societies.

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Exclusion of refugees from society has negative consequences for both the refugees and society at large. Research shows that exclusion leads to lower labor market participation, loneliness, depression and other mental health problems.

Since I have been a refugee, I know what the difficulties are. I know what it’s like to be deprived from education. I think education is a basic right. With education people can make a change.
Huda, a student from Syria

How can we include refugees in higher education and society in general? What role can universities play in this? During this conference, refugee students will tell you about their experiences in higher education. Listen to the challenges they faced, hear their success stories and learn how you can help refugees at universities elsewhere.

Programme (still subject to changes)



Plenary sessions with international speakers, video’s and a panel discussion of experts.
13.00 Opening by Professor Social Sciences John de Wit
13.05 In memoriam Matthias Jorissen 
13.10 Incluusion program 
13.15 Eduard Nzarski, Director Amnesty International Netherlands
13.35 'My first e-mail' Thana Faroq
13.45 Giovanni Maiolo - The role of municipalities for the recpetion and integraiton of refugees in the south of Italy
14.00 Panel discussion with Euard Nazarski, Salma Fayyad (student and activist), Paul Mbikayi (Managing Director Refugee Talent Hub), moderator: Rob van der Vaart


Coffee break


Workshops, parallel sessions


Final plenary session


Drinks and time to socialise


Incluusion students: stories & experiences

What is it like to be a refugee student in the Netherlands? What is it like to adapt to an educational system that is completely different from what you’re used to? During this workshop Incluusion students will share stories about their academic and personal life in the Netherlands.

Young Innovators

Students from the Utrecht University Honors program Young Innovators will be discussing the ins and outs of Incluusion. They will show how a simple infrastructure can help hundreds of refugee students and teach you how you can implement this model in your institution.

Undocumented and the Right to Education

Should Undocumented refugees be allowed in educational programs? During this workshop we will explore best practices from different cities in the Netherlands with regard to access to higher education for undocumented refugees.

Does It Matter Where You Live in the Netherlands?

Almost all refugees that come to the Netherlands have lived in multiple locations. Was their life very different when they lived in rural areas as opposed to a big city? In this workshop Incluusion students will talk about what it means to have lived in several asylum centers across the country and what impact this has had on their lives.

Intercultural dialogue

What is it like to study and work with someone from a different cultural background? How can a different point of view help you to become more aware of others’ and your own beliefs? During this workshop we will reflect upon teachers’ and buddies’ experiences. You will also engage in an informal dialogue to challenge your own perspectives and learn about other peoples’ experiences.

Start date and time
15 June 2018 12:30
End date and time
15 June 2018 17:00
Entrance fee
free of charge
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