7 June 2018 from 16:15 to 17:15

Inaugural lecture Roberta D’Alessandro: Syntax and Language Variation for the 22nd century

Prof. dr. Roberta D'Alessandro. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. Roberta D'Alessandro. Photo: Ed van Rijswijk

Professor Roberta D'Alessandro is professor of Syntax and Language Variation at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (UiL-OTS), Department of Languages, Literature and Communication. Her inaugural lecture is titled: Syntax and Language Variation for the 22nd century.

Skills for the future

What are the skills that we wish to transfer to the linguists of the future? In her inaugural lecture, Prof. Roberta D’Alessandro will consider what these skills might be, specifically with respect to the study of syntax and language variation. She will consider the importance of theoretical modeling, of formulating falsifiable hypotheses, and of making predictions. The inaugural lecture will also address the relevance of all language varieties, including minority languages and dialects, for the scientific study of language.

22nd century linguistics

Last, D'Alessandro will address the idea of 22nd century linguistics and the central role of cooperation, which cannot be limited to interdisciplinarity, but should be viewed as something widening the horizons of linguistics to include all linguists from all over the world; she will also consider what cooperation means in a world where rules and regulations are more and more exclusive.

Start date and time
7 June 2018 16:15
End date and time
7 June 2018 17:15
Prof. R.A.G. D’Alessandro
Syntax and Language Variation
Inaugural lecture
Syntax and Language Variation for the 22nd century