4 September 2018 from 16:15 to 17:15

Inaugural Lecture Maarten Goos: The Human Side of Bits

Maarten Goos
Prof. dr. Maarten Goos

Maarten Goos gives his inaugural address as professor of Economics and Institutions at Utrecht University on 4 September. It is titled: The Human Side of Bits. 

Professor Goos' research focuses on labour economics, including job polarisation, technological progress, worker competencies and job tasks. It also includes labour market intermediation and matching, labour market policies, inequality and institutions. He is part of the core team of the research hub Future of Work at Utrecht University, which is part of the research programme Institutions for Open Societies.

The Human Side of Bits

There has recently been a paradigm shift in the way economists think about the impact of digitisation on society. Recent thinking captures that digitisation is automating certain tasks done by workers, but also that digitisation entails various countervailing effects on workers, firms, markets and their institutions that tend to benefit society.

The first part of Maarten Goos' lecture elaborates on this paradigm shift, and how it relates to core scienfitic principles in economics. The second part of this lecture addresses how this paradigm shift is part of a broader movement in economics towards other scientific disciplines, and why economists are increasingly able to apply their rigorous mathematical and statistical toolboxes in successful collaborations with private and pubic organisations as well as with policy makers.

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4 September 2018 16:15
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4 September 2018 17:15
Maarten Goos
Economics and Institutions
Inaugural lecture
The Human Side of Bits
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